Prague Styles of Architecture

  • Gothic
  • Baroque
  • Romanesque
  • Renaissance
  • Rococo
  • Art Nouveau
  • Classic
  • Cubism
  • Functionalism

Prague in the Czech Republic is a an amazingly beautiful city. Having visited the city recently I was amazed at it's rich history of architecture. It has a wealth of incredible buildings, structures and monuments that span many centuries and historical periods. I doubt there is any city in the world which offers more magnificent buildings in more differing styles of achitecture, side by side. These grand buildings cover a range of architectural forms from Romanesque and Gothic through Renaissance and Baroque to Art Nouveau & Cubismand Deconstructionist.. Fortunately the majority of these buildings and examples of magnificent architecture were spared during the destruction of World War II.


Sites worth taking the time to explore in detail include the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, the Jewish Quarter, the Four Season Hotel and of course the Prague Castle - one of the highlights of our visit. I think to fully explore the city would take several days. The Old Town Square alone

has a multitude of fantastic restaurants and views to enoy. Our personal

favorite was the skyline terrace of the 5 star U Prince Hotel. The view is

arguably the best in town.


three photos of rooftops of prague a beer glass and musicians


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